Trying To Paint FOOD :p

                   Lately I was craving for cupcakes. I can’t eat one for I am still on a diet. I am a person who LOVES SWEETS so much. Instead of eating it, I painted it. Sorry “pink cupcake” I cannot eat you yet. I am always on a diet but I never loss weight, because I pity myself on not eating sweets, so I fed it with lots of meat and rice. Hehehehehehehe.





Journey to Painting World

         I was asked by my aunt to paint a cherry blossom for her project. I have the courage to try painting again(cause I have a bad experience about a painting project). So I painted a cherry blossom tree in a paper with flower boarder, then after seeing the cherry blossom, she asked me to draw a bridge above the water, and another cherry blossom on the other side. The result encouraged me to practice more.





Trying to Draw Bran Stark

            These past years I’ve been engaged in watching movies and series that the characters are REAL HUMANS, but of course I am still updated with the Disney Princesses and Barbie movies. The recent series that I watched since last year was “Game of Thrones”. The season 8 of it will be released on November 2018(unsa palang ron February 6, 2018 dugay pa… huhuhuh), so I am still planning to spend 77 hours of my time to watch it again (from season 1-7).  My favourite character aside from “Khaleesi” (most favourite female character in the series) is BRAN STARK of WINTERFELL. This time I am trying to draw portraits again because of him. I hope I’ve improved from the past years. I am still finding time to finish him, since I was so busy with school works.



Favourite Beast…

           One of my dreams is to have a pet like this furry, green-eyed beast. This is called the Never Beast, it is one of my favourite beast of all time, his name is GRUFF from “Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Never Beast.” This movie still makes me cry every time I think of it. I’ve watched the movie for I think 10x already. I can’t help thinking about it so I drew him.




Trying to draw portraits…

           Last 2014 I was an addict fan of Zayn Malik from One Direction. I was so inspired and addicted with his face features(GWAPO KAAYO) to the point that I go beyond my genre(my genre were ANIMATED movie characters), I tried to draw portraits of REAL HUMANS. It seems like I still have to improve my skills and add my knowledge about portrait drawings.




Trying to see my improvement

One of my Disney Princess Hero is Belle, from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” This was one of my favourite scenes in the movie. They are showing strong emotions toward each other. I first drew them last 2014. Then I redraw them last 2017. I’ve seen my improvement from the materials, strokes, style of colouring and the way I drew. Ahahahaha I thought I didn’t improve.

2014 v.s 2017

Hoping that I could be


“Many people who excel are self-taught.” _Herbs Ritts_

One of the things that inspire me are movie characters. Emily from the movie “The Corpse Bride” inspired me to accept things. You cannot control all the things, you cannot get all you want, you cannot go beyond the line of life, all you can do is ACCEPT the things the way they were, it is already BEAUTIFUL , you just have to stop, watch and realize that you are only stepping on a small part of a bigger picture.